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Written By Thoiron Ababil on Wednesday, December 24, 2014 | 7:07 PM

Figuring Out The Public School Woman
In the short time that you’ve designed Public School men's line, you’ve been nominated for or won most of the prestigious fashion awards out there. Did you feel pressure to achieve the same success with your women’s collection? 

Maxwell Osborne: “You know, I think we went into it never really achieving much in terms of accolades and awards, so I think for us it’s a blessing, and we’re just trying to proceed. And, for women, we’re not trying to rush. We want to take it really slow, and grow our infrastructure steadily.” 

There are a lot of two-man design teams out there, who all have incredibly different approaches to working together. What’s yours? 

MO: “When it comes to the creative side, we’re both usually on the same page, nine out of 10 times. And then, if one of us feels strongly about something, we’ll definitely defer to that. The trust is there. Now that we’re starting with a bigger staff, we’re starting to learn how to delegate and deal with things so there’s not as much bottlenecking happening.”


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